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[Public Transportation]
Please get off at the JR Iida Line Toueicho Station

[Access by Car]
Take the Route 151 from Tomei Expressway Toyokawa I.C

Aired on NHK High vision

Misono of Okumikawa is a famous village for traditional performance art like Hana Matsuri (Important Intangible Folk Culture Asset appointed by the nation).
This Hana Matsuri has been continuously inherited through generations from Kamakura period for about 700 years taking place on a snow flattering winter night (second Saturday of November) with a bonfire burning red hot for all through the night the dance will continue for over 20 hours.
The Misono is also famous for being the stage of the “Futarikko Namida no Hatsu Butai” “Hyakka Musubuhana” which was on aired on NHK High Vision Broadcast nation-wide.
Every year the festival takes place on the second Saturday of November. Please make a visit.

Local Sightseeing

Touei Hot Spring

Touei Hot Spring

A relaxing atmosphere where you will be able to bathe while listening to the murmuring of the streams.



There are 8 kinds of hot springs including a natural outdoor hot spring surrounded by the greenery.

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