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Hana Matsuri Regular Exhibition

As not only an exhibiting facility but a preservation and folklore facility of Hana Matsuri, which is important intangible folk culture asset, the facility holds masks, costumes, ritual utensils and for people who are not aware of the concept of Hana Matsuri we have created the Maido and others to express the unique beauty and the sense of presence of the Hana Matsuri.
Also the “Hana Matsuri of all regions” taken by Kazuhiko Okazaki over a long period of time can be viewed at the video library can be enjoyed.

Hana Matsuri Regular Photo Exhibit

©Toshinobu Takeuchi

With the help from the most popular landscape photographer Toshinobu Takeuchi, we have 40 pictures of the Hana Matsuri he has take 25 years ago. Please enjoy Mr. Takeuchi’s “Sensitiveness of Beauty” “The overflow of life” and “The cry of the soul”.