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Introduction :

With the contribution of Toshinobu Takeuchi, we have a permanent exhibition of the photos of the “Hana Matsuri” taken 25 years ago and the project exhibitions of the newly taken photos. Also the video library of Kazuhiko Okazaki who has taken the “Hana Matsuri in all regions” over a long term of year and many of the actual ornaments used the ritual are on exhibition.
We would love to have you visit our Pavilion.

The center is the Pavilion/Misonofuji (Kounoyama)
A distant view of the pavilion and front of the Hana Matsuri Pavilion (the cherry blossoms in the school playground)

Regarding the donated photos of Toshinobu Takeuchi’s “Flower Festival”

Regarding the donated photos of Toshinobu Takeuchi’s “Flower Festival”
There are people referred to the “Hana Kurui” (Flower Crazy).
The Hana Matsuri passed on in Okumikawa has an attraction that fascinates the dancers, the viewers, the filmers and everything it touches.

Toshinobu Takeuchi as a young man was one of the photographers who were obsessed.
Currently he is known as the photographer who is at the front lines with constant top class popularity said to be the leading person of landscape photography but when he had first gone up to Tokyo he was having difficulties finding a publisher that will publish his photograph collection the “Hana Matsuri”.
At the time I was the object of his work the “Hana Matsuri Maite” (flower festival dancer) however I went around making my best effort to get the photo collection published and I managed to get it published. I take pride in this and this made my relationship even deeper.

Now two locations in Okumikawa for the “Hana Matsuri” have been shut down.
In such a situation we have created the Hana Matsuri Pavilion to become the bases of the attempt of the revitalization of the town.
The contents are a photo exhibition of the Hana Matsuri, the recreation of Maido (the stage) and valuable actual films of the all the 16 regions that do the Hana Matsuri.

Regarding the opening of the exhibition we first asked Mr. Takeuchi whom we had a close relationship with. We were granted with great understanding from him about the revitalization of such an under populated town and we were able to gain his initiative support. Taking this opportunity we will like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

The 40 photos shown on the regular exhibit “Hana Matsuri” were given to me from Mr. Takeuchi as a sign of gratitude and I had put them in the storehouse for the last 23 years kept preciously.
Please take your time and enjoy Mr. Takeuchi’s “sensitiveness of beauty” “The overflow of life” and “The cry of the soul”.

“Hana Matsuri Pavilion” Katsu Obayashi

There is a longing feeling in the pavilion.
Many of the actual ritual utensils are exhibited.
Precious photos of Hana Matsuri taken my Toshinobu Takeuchi are exhibited.