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Information to enjoy Hana Matsuri

To get into the Maido (the stage) and to dance with the dancers are the way to really enjoy the Hana Matsuri. Please take note to enjoy the festival.

The rules for the Hana Matsuri

1.Do not disturb the Maiko (the dancer)

At the latter half of the dance of the Hana Matsuri the Maiko (dancers) come dancing in the four corners of the Maido. Especially the Hana no Mai (flower dance) is danced by elementary school children so please make sure not to disturb them.

2. Do not drink too much

Alcohol is an accompaniment to Hana Matsuri.
At every Hana Matsuri location there are stands for drinks and food held by the local people.
Also the local people treat visitors with Sake.
However it is strictly prohibited to get carried away, get drunk and get in the local dancer’s way, pick a quarrel with others or making a mess in the center iron pot.
We are likely to ask for those with such behavior to leave.
We suggest that it is best to stop drinking once you get a bit tipsy.
Also we advise those who came by car not to drink or stay overnight.

3.Do not clap to the beat

Sometimes we have visitors clapping to the beat, however at a Hana Matsuri we do not clap.

4.Be careful of the Oni’s Masakari

The Oni (ogre) will swing around the Masakari (broadaxes).
If you are not careful the big broadax may hit you in the head causing injuries.
Especially at the Yamami Oni, the Maido (stage) will be crowed with the crowd and ogres and it can be quite dangerous.
Please be careful of your surroundings and the movement of the ogre when you dance.

5.Unite when shouting

Enthusiastic shouting is indispensable at the Hana Matsuri.
But please note that the shouting differs depending on the location.
If you shout at the wrong timing it will disturb the Maiko (dancer) and the drummers’ rhythm thus may result in getting the locals mad at you.
It will take time master all the different patterns but please challenge by listening and going with the locals’ shouting.