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About the Han Matsuri

The ritual utensils are such as paper artwork products to decorate the Hana Matsuri Halls and offerings for religious services. The dancing instruments are such are masks for dancers, ritual articles dancers hold, costumes for dancers and tools to rhythm with.

Main Ritual utensils

It is a square and canopy shaped decoration made with white of five different color papers. It is put right above the cooking stove with a hinged door where it is considered to be the place the God to dwell, but it differs depending on the areas.
It is constructed with a combination of many different ritual utensils and is bind together with byakke and shindo or with sendo.


It is white paper cut out in shapes of pictures and letters and is hang on Kamiheya (God’s room), Shinza (Where the Gods rest), the four corners of the Maido.
There are seven to eight variations but the shapes are not the same and the order it is hung by is not decided as well.


They were only made in Toyonemura Misawa (Sannai).
It is decorated on the nageshi (beam running between columns in traditional Japanese architecture) on the main pillar at the center of the house.
It is made by circularizing three kakuougi combined together and placing ship made by folding white paper inside with 18 of symbolical offering made of five colors are inserted.

Daijingu Hei1
Shihoubata   4
Funa Bei 1
Kanayama Hei  2
Kuwagata Hei1

Total of 18 are inserted.


The woven hat the children of the “Hana no Mai”(flower dance) wear.
The woven hat is made out of bamboo.

Hana no Mai