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Introduction of the Pavilion

The former Misono Elementary School has been refurbished with exhibition rooms and reference rooms still leaving behind the longed feeling of an elementary school. On the first floor we have the recreation of the “hanayado”, the Maido where the ritual is dedicated, is set and there is a big screen where all 15 of the Okumikawa region Hana Matsuri is introduced.

The contents of the First Floor
(decorations and video viewing room)

In the inner part of the first floor there is the “Maido” the stage to dance the Hana Matsuri.
In the old days the festival was performed in private houses so the is has been reproduced to look like an old private home.
The Osakaki decorates all four sides with “Nittenko”(God of the sun) “Gattenshi”(God of the moon) with hanging ornaments and zigzag bridges are decorated, on the ceiling there is a “Yubuta (white)” “Biyakke (large)” “Shindou (5 directions 5 colors) “Soehana (twelve horary signs for prayers)” are decorated through the ceremony (20 hours) and the dedication and prayers are done underneath it.
You will be able to see all the decoration only put up on the day of the ceremony.
Especially the Bonten/Boden, which are decorated on the center pillar, there is not many people who are able to create it anymore thus are very precious and are all made out of one piece of paper.
On the walls there are the costumes for the dancers and are passed down from generations and a part of it is the same ones that have been donated to the University of Waseda’s Theater Museum.
And others, Kirikusa, Shinji, instruments used for dancing and important symbolical offerings (Tenjinhei, Shintai (object of worship), Koujinhei (god protecting the house) ornaments are exhibited.

Ceiling “Yubuta” “Biyakke” “Sindou” “Soehana”
Maido’s four sections Oosakaku and decoration “Nittenko (God of the sun) “Gattenshi (God of the moon)” and drapes Yatsuhashi

Actual films for viewing

The actual Hana Matsuri movies of all the 18 sections of where the Hana Matsuri is held can be seen with the real sense of presence on the big screen.
To view the ceremony of one section form the beginning to the end will take 18 to over 24 hours.
However at our facility you will be able to select a particular and view it instantly and not have to go through the whole ceremony. You will also be able to view films of the Makuro and Yamauchi Hana Matsuri as well as the Hana Matsuri in Miyuki Shrine in Toyohashi, which have all been abolished.
All of these valuable works was offered from Kazuhiko Okazaki from Tokyo who has spent 15 years taking these films. Please visit our Pavilion to view these films and please make use of for research as well.

Please enjoy how the Hana Matsuri is performed along with the movie. GO

Contents of Second Floor Exhibition
(Project Exhibition / Regular Exhibition)

Contents of Second Floor Exhibition (Project Exhibition / Regular Exhibition) On the second floor photos taken Toshinobu Takeuchi are exhibited.
Our regular exhibit has “Hana Matsuri” Toshinobu Takeuchi’s most superb and only documentary work all black and white over 20 pieces are on exhibit. Our project exhibition currently has “Woods of West Europe” all 55 pieces are popularly on show.
Until December 28th (Tues).
Followed by “Ryu no Hibiki” “Kumanokodou” “Ipponsakura Kyouen” it is the 4th exhibition we had and all of them are the first to be shown in the Chubu district.

Contents of the Third Floor Exhibition
(currently under contemplation)

It is currently under contemplation but we are planning on “Kotaro Hayakawa exhibition” a folklorist from Okumikawa.
The contents planned for this exhibition will be of Mr. Hayakawa’s epistles, published books and etc. with the help of Okumikawa bookstore in the former Houraichou. With the donation of related books of prominent folklorist we would like to make folklorist study reference library.