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Hana Matsuri Schedule

NovemberdatesVenue Location
2nd Saturday・ SundayMisono no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Misono Assembly Hall
2nd SundayKobayashi no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Kobayashi Suwa Shrine
3rd Saturday・ SundayHigashisonome no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Community Center for the elderly Higashisonome
22nd・23rd Tsuki no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Tsuki Assembly Hall
4th Saturday・ SundayAshikome no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Ashikome Assembly Hall
4th Saturday・ SundaySakauba no Hana Matsuri (Toyonemura)Maidou
Last Saturday・SundayKouchi no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Kouchinagamine Shrine
DecemberdatesVenue Location
1st Saturday・ SundayNakashitara no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Nakashitara Hana Matsuri Maido
2nd Saturday & Sunday
Friday, Saturday・ Sunday
Nakanzeki no Hana MatsuriCommunity Center for the elderly Meijusou
JanuarydatesVenue Location
2nd & 3rd Tsugu no Hana Matsuri (Shitaracho)Shiratori Shrine
2nd & 3rd Futto no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Futto Assembly Hall
2nd・3rdShimokurogawa no Hana Matsuri(Toyonemura)Maidou
3rd・4th Shimoawashiro no Hana Matsuri (Toueicho)Shimoawashiro Life Improvement Center
3rd・4th Kamikurogawa no Hana Matsuri (Toyonemura) Maidou
MarchdatesVenue Location
1st Saturday・SundayFukawa no Hana Matsuri(Toueicho)Fukawa Assembly Hall

*There are possibilities that the date may change.
Please call the Toueicho Town Office Economics affairs Division (0536-76-1812), Toyonemura Board of Education (0536-85-1611) for details near to the dates mentioned above for conformation.