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Visiting Hana Matsuri Pavilion

Opening hours:12:00〜16:00
Days closed: Every Wednesday and Thursday
Donation for viewing:Adult  500 Yen
Over Junior High 300 Yen
Under Elementary school Free

Please Note

Do not touch:

If you touch the things on the exhibition they may get stained or damaged.
Please contribute to the conservation of the valuable work.

Taking Photos:

We ask for no photos to be taken within the exhibition rooms.

Please keep quiet:

Within the exhibition rooms please keep quiet and have mobile phones on silent mode and please do not speak on the phone so the other guests will not be disturbed.

Bringing in umbrellas:

Please place your umbrellas at the designated location and please do not bring them into the facility. (Please be careful not forget anything when you leave.)


The whole facility is non-smoking.
No pets in the facility:
Other than guild dogs no pets and animals are allowed in the building. We will not be able to take of them either so please keep note.